Put to the Picky Mom Test: The Naked Nursing Tank

Jan 22

We all want something that is going to make our mommy job just a little bit easier. And, if it makes you look good and feel good at the same time that’s a HUGE win.

And along came the bamboo Naked Nursing Tank – our new favourite breast feeding essential.

The ingenious design does its job of keeping your stomach covered while nursing, but in a way that is non-restrictive, simple and inexpensive, unlike many other fussy tanks on the market. The racerback tank has no fabric covering the bust part, but gives you coverage where you want it – the tummy, back and hips. So simple, and a major mommy lifesaver.

I had the help of 4 other Picky Moms from across the country put the Naked Nursing tank to the test, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming this one up. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “The Naked Nursing Tank is a new staple in my wardrobe – I don’t get dressed without putting it on.  It basically makes any shirt a nursing shirt, so you don’t have to wear any other special nursing clothes once you have this tank and a good nursing bra.  I love being able to wear all the clothes from my existing wardrobe rather than having to build a nursing wardrobe.  It is also so comfortable to wear that I don’t even feel like I have a second layer on underneath my clothes. The material is so lightweight, and the design is so simple, that the outline of the tank doesn’t show through my clothing.  I also love that I can wear shirts with any kind of neckline and the tank is never showing.” – Jennifer, Vancouver, BC
  • “Since I have a big chest but a smaller rib cage and tummy, I can never get a good fit. I usually end up buying tanks that are way too big and sag all over, or are way too small and then the girls are squished in there like sardines!  This tank fits perfectly around my tummy and I don’t need to squish in my boobs…. Which is especially nice since squishing milk filled boobs into a tight shirt gets super painful!! ” -Emma, Montreal, QB
  • “The bamboo luxury edition Naked nursing tank is soft and comfy. But unlike most nursing tanks, it fits properly and hugs the body without any bagging, bunching or riding up. Likely because this tank doesn’t have any of those annoying flaps or folds around the bust. Once you have it on you don’t have to do anything more with it for it to be functional.  There are no additional fasteners to deal with, material to move out of the way etc – once you have it on you basically forget it’s there!  Brilliant!” -Lisa, Vancouver, BC
  • “I have washed the tank numerous times and it still looks and feels brand new – it really holds its shape!” -Jennifer, New West, BC
  • “Other brands I’ve tried have been made with a slightly thicker and more synthetic material, and make me feel too hot.  With the Naked Nursing Tank I never feel like I have an extra layer on and thus I never feel sweaty with the second layer. I love that I can wear any nursing bra rather than having the bra built in – built in bras never seem to fit me correctly.  I have also tried other tanks that don’t have the bra built in, but the extra layer of material over my nursing bra always feels a bit too tight and sweaty.  The Naked Nursing Tank is the perfect alternative because the extra material/coverage is only where you need it.” Jennifer, New West, BC
  • “I didn’t notice I had it on most of the time which I really liked. It didn’t add bulkiness to the clothes I was already wearing. Plus, it eliminated the need for other nursing tanks because you can wear it with any shirt.” -Melissa, Woodstock, New Brunswick

Picky Mom Melissa putting the Naked Nursing Tank to the test!


  • ” I could say so much more, but bottom line was this tank ultimately left me wondering why I ever bought so many cheap ugly ‘nursing’ shirts from a certain maternity store (that doesn’t always offer quality, but always overcharges), especially when I could have been wearing my old wardrobe… which I paid a pretty penny for pre-baby.” – Emma, Montreal, QB

Final Verdict from Super Picky Mom:

Even though I’m done nursing, I still wear this tank almost everyday as a layering tank. It’s perfect for when I don’t want the bulk up top, but want extra coverage on the hips or waistband. I also love that it will always fit your ever-changing sizes of boobs during your breast feeding days. No phases of too tight or too loose, just a perfect fit all the time.

Picky Mom Approved - YayaBaby.ca

The Naked Nursing Tank gets the Picky Mom Stamp of Approval by all our mamas. We loved:

  1. feeling confident and covered while nursing (no nursing cover needed!)
  2. saving money by not having to purchase a (hideous) nursing wardrobe
  3. the soft bamboo that was so comfortable and didn’t make us sweaty
  4. that the tank will last long after our nursing days are done

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